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Master Noah Guak

Welcome to United Martial Arts Center!

We offer martial arts training in Fort Myers, Florida specializing in Ko Am Mu Do and Hap Ki Do as well as Tae Kwon Do and weapons training.

At our school, you will develop a strong mind, body and spirit. The heart of martial arts is to know yourself. Discover your weaknesses and turn them into strengths.

The discipline in our school brings the students back 2,000 years when a dedication to Korean Martial Arts reflected a way of life. The techniques taught are supported by the spirit and philosophies of the original Korean martial arts. This is the only way students can learn true martial arts and avoid the pollution of a destructive mind-set. There is an emphasis on self discipline, traditional values and respect for higher belts and Instructors. Students will use this power of discipline to stay on the right path in our high pressured, competitive, overstressed society. This discipline is applied in all areas of personal, family, social and career to create a successful and long life.

Students are not competing against others; they are only competing with themselves. Improvement is measured by progress the students make in their own development based on their own special needs and skills.

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United Martial Arts Center
2500 Crystal Dr #1   Fort Myers, FL 33966

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